New amitermes collected

another colony of amitermes neogermanus collected, this time not in the arboretum but on the right side of the road (when walking toward cross road), so it is safe to say it is a different colony than the other. This time i found 3 soldiers (for around 50 workers), whereas i only found one in the other colonies i found (around 150 w in total)

i gave food to all of them (diet P3, mix with agar 4%, around 60%agar,40%diet)

New amitermes collected

amitermes neogermanicus collection

  • 16th june and 19th June: found 2 little chambers with some amitermes neogermanicus. No soldiers nor reproductives, only workers (seems to have 2 stage, one smaller and whiter, the other bigger and more pigmenter)
  • Termites were put in 4% agar nest to see if i could use them in caste determination experiments, as apparently soldier can be formed from workers in Amitermes. I have to see if they accept to eat the artificial diet
  • nest 1 collected 16th june: 9big and 9 small workers (1 big and 1 small were a bit damaged during collection and didn’t survive)
  • also found some transparent ants while digging
amitermes neogermanicus collection

Gallery length measurement finished

Data: gallery length measured every 6 days, just before changing the nest. Consumption and number of survivors are the one 3 days before (=number of survivors 3 days before the galleries are measured, and food is the one eaten in the last 3 days)


r =0.6012

p =3.3640e-66

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Cw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.2123

p =3.5695e-08


>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Dw,’type’,’Spearman’)¬† ## global food consumption

r =0.2091

p =5.7431e-08

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Pw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.1226

p =0.0016

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Lw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.0373

p =0.3387

Gallery length measurement finished

Correlation consumption galeries-2

  • data from 19-12-2016 to 12-01-2017
  • length of galeries correlated with consumption of C, P or L the 3 days before (length of galeries and consumption divided by the number of workers present 3 days before the galeries measurement. Will have to test if the number of soldier has an effect)
  • NB: i will probably have to re order the data, because at the moment i have measured the galeries every 3 days, while the nests were changed every 6, meaning that the length of every other measurment is influenced by the previous. I will probably use only the data at the end of the 6th day, or substract the 3rd day to the 6th)
  • Effect of the total consumption (Dw), the C and the P (Cw and Pw), but no correlation with the lipids (Lw) (i switched from F to L because sterols are lipids but not fat)
Correlation consumption galeries-2