Gallery length measurement finished

Data: gallery length measured every 6 days, just before changing the nest. Consumption and number of survivors are the one 3 days before (=number of survivors 3 days before the galleries are measured, and food is the one eaten in the last 3 days)


r =0.6012

p =3.3640e-66

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Cw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.2123

p =3.5695e-08


>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Dw,’type’,’Spearman’)  ## global food consumption

r =0.2091

p =5.7431e-08

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Pw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.1226

p =0.0016

>> [r,p]=corr(Gw,Lw,’type’,’Spearman’)

r =0.0373

p =0.3387

Gallery length measurement finished

Correlation consumption galeries-2

  • data from 19-12-2016 to 12-01-2017
  • length of galeries correlated with consumption of C, P or L the 3 days before (length of galeries and consumption divided by the number of workers present 3 days before the galeries measurement. Will have to test if the number of soldier has an effect)
  • NB: i will probably have to re order the data, because at the moment i have measured the galeries every 3 days, while the nests were changed every 6, meaning that the length of every other measurment is influenced by the previous. I will probably use only the data at the end of the 6th day, or substract the 3rd day to the 6th)
  • Effect of the total consumption (Dw), the C and the P (Cw and Pw), but no correlation with the lipids (Lw) (i switched from F to L because sterols are lipids but not fat)
Correlation consumption galeries-2